The St. Andrews Health Centre has two physicians, one dentist and a physiotherapist who provide service to the greater Saint Andrews area.

108 Sophia Street
Saint Andrews, NB E5B 2B8
Medical Phone:   506-529-9120   Dr. Brian Peer
Dental Phone:    506-529-8814     Dr. Brian Spires
Physio Phone:    506-529-9126     Mrs. Holly O'Rourke

Passamaquoddy Lodge is a 60-bed nursing facility located within town limits.
230 Sophia Street
Saint Andrews, NB E5B 2C2
Phone:   506-529-5240
Fax:     506-529-5258

General hospital service is available in our neighbouring town - St. Stephen, just 20 minutes west of Saint Andrews. All regional and most province-wide health-care services are centred in New Brunswick's largest hospital, the Saint John Regional Hospital, only one hour east in Saint John.

Saint Andrews has full time ambulance service. The St. Andrews Fire Department is staffed by both full time and volunteer personnel. Three constables of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police serve Saint Andrews directly, and the larger force is centered at its detachment in St. George.

The Dragonfly Centre for Autism started offering therapy and recreation programs in 2005. The centre offers one-on-one unique therapy with specially-trained personnel for children with autism.

Contact: Janet Caldwell
239 Water Street
Saint Andrews, NB
Phone:   506 529-8002